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May 13, 2011
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Emily was one of my favorite people in the world. She was nice, cute, and best of all, one of my best friends. I had known her since Kindergarden, and we have lived next door to each other ever since. Naturally, since Emily and I were such good friends, our parents loved to go to dinner and hang out together. Even thought she was really pretty, I never considered dating her. I don't think I wanted to ruin the long friendship we had.

One late afternoon, around seven o'clock, our parents had decided to go out to dinner together. I went over to Emily's house to watch a movie while our parents were out. She popped the first Disney movie into the DVD player and sat down on the couch. I sat down next to her, glad I had nothing better to do.

After a ways through the movie, Emily got cold.

"Can you go turn up the heat?"

"Ya I got it." I said. I already knew where the thermostat was.

"Hey Emily its not working!" I yelled from upstairs. "Is it broken?"

She never responded. The last thing I remember was a footstep behind me, and a searing blow to the back of my head.

Emily stood over my unconscious body. She pulled a small pill out of her pocket, and slipped it down my throat. After she made sure I had swallowed it, she grabbed me by my arms and dragged me into her bedroom. She let me down in the middle of the room and went into her closet. She came back out with a new NU female bodysuit. She put it on the floor next to me and looked up at the ceiling. There were two round hooks attached to the ceiling. Emily pulled two strands of rope out from the closet and tied them to the rings. After she stripped me completely naked, She pulled one of my arms up and tied it to the other end of the rope. She did the same with my other arm, and then adjusted the length of the rope so I was lifted higher. When she was done, my feet were about a foot off of the floor. she whipped out a bottle of glue and started to cover both of my legs with the strong non toxic sealant. She lifted the bodysuit up and slowly guided it up my left leg. I reached the bottom, and she helped my toes get into the right spots. Then she did the same with my right leg. She grabbed the glue again, and glued my pelvis area to the suit. She inserted my genitalia into a small slot on the front, which concealed it completely from the outside. Emily put glue onto my butt cheeks and smoothed the suit onto it. There was a slit running down the middle though, giving me the ability to continue using the bathroom. She glued the end flaps of the butt into the inside of each butt cheek, and continued her way up my body. She put more glue all over my stomach, and pushed the suit onto there too, making sure it was smooth. She put a lot of glue onto my chest. The glue had to hold the D sized latex breasts in place. She pushed the realistic looking (and feeling) boobs hard against my limp body. She put glue on my shoulders, and lifted the suit to stretch itself over my frame. She took my down from the rope and sat me down on a stool, balancing me for a second to prevent me from falling off. She dowsed my right arm in a ton of glue and slid it into the arm hole of the suit. She had to help my sticky fingers find their way into the finger holes. Then she put my other arm in it's designated hole and walked around me. She glued my face and pulled the face mask up, careful to make sure that the mouth, nose, and eye slots were properly lined up. The mouth hole stopped at the edge of my lips, so I comets freedom to eat and talk. The nose hole also went to the nostrils edge, and the eye holes stayed about an eight of a centimeter away from my eyes, as to not constrict any of my view. She laid me on my stomach on the ground, and drenched my entire back in glue. She folded the edges of the suit together and held them for a second against the quick drying glue. When she let go, you couldn't even see the seam of the suit. She glued the back piece of the face mask onto the back of my head, and went back into the closet.

Emily returned with a large curly wig in her hands. After sitting me back int the char, she picked up her glue bottle and smeared some onto the top of my head. Then she carefully fitted the curly red wig onto the top of my head. At this point, I looked like a naked 16 year old teenage girl with beautiful curly red hair. Emily then took my body off of the chair, and dragged me into her closet. She left me lying in the middle of the floor, and walked out of the closet, shutting the door behind her. There was a small metallic click of the door being locked, and the dull roar of the AC being turned on.

I woke up in a cold room on soft carpet. I slowly came to, lifting myself up off of the floor. My chest felt heavy. I looked down in horror as I saw what Emily had done to me as I was unconscious. She had fitted me inside some kind of female bodysuit, which she had glued to his skin. My penis was still there, I could feel it, but it was smushed into some kind of tiny pocket inside the suit. You couldn't even see a bulge. The only thing left was a soft vagina. I slowly moved my hand toward it. The suit had given me long cute fingernails. I touched the vagina with the tip of one of them. Even though I couldn't feel the suit, a wave of pleasure washed over my entire body. Making me shiver with sensual goosebumps. I looked around the closet. There was a baby stroller, a pregnancy costume, spare glue, a human-sized doll, a sparkling silver hooker dress, a wedding dress, and three rows of clothes on hangers that outlined the walls. I was getting very cold. I tried to open the door, but it was securely locked. Then I realized her plan. She had locked me in a closet full of girls clothes, and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Soon I would have to put on clothes to stay warm.

Minutes passed, and I quickly couldn't bare the cold. I looked around of the shelf for something to put on. I found a set of women's underwear: a lacy pink bra and a lacy pink thong. I took the thong and slid it up my soft legs. They got to the top of my thighs and snuggly fit into my pelvis area. It covered my front and most of my butt. Then I unhooked the bra, and slid my arms through the loops. I placed the cups onto my huge D boobs, and felt another wave of pure ecstasy wash over my body. I hooked the bra in place and let my breasts fall. The bra was a little small, and it squished my boobs a little against my chest.

The temperature dropped.

I needed to find more clothes. I found a pair of jean short shorts and slipped them up my legs. I buttoned the top of them. They were a little tight against my round curvy butt, but it was ok. It wasn't that bad. I went searching for a shirt to wear. I soon found a white tank top in the corner. I slipped my arms through the holes and pulled it over my curly hair, and pulled it down over my body. It was incredibly comfortable. It was long enough to reach the shorts, but it was very soft and snug against my skin, showing off my new curves.

The temperature dropped.

This wasn't working. I needed to find heavier clothes. I took off the shorts and swapped them for a pair of skinny jeans. They were very difficult to put on. They were tight, and small, but they eventually wiggled up my legs and I snapped them in place. I found a long sleeve blue top, and I put it on over the tank top.

The temperature dropped.

I needed to get serious. I swapped the jeans for a thick pair of black sweatpants. The sweats were soft and it felt warm against my legs. I also found a pair of uggs, and I slipped the warm cotton boots over my feet, which made me feel a lot better. I found a green hoodie and I put it over my head. My curly hair got stuck in the back though, and I had to sweep it out with my hand.

The temperature dropped.

I couldn't fight it. The temperature just kept dropping. I wouldn't be able to fight it. It just kept getting colder, and colder, and colder.....

Emily watched as I passed out from the freezing cold temperatures. She turned off the AC, and walked into the closet after unlocking the door. She heaved my body out into the main room. She stripped me of all the clothes I had put on except for the bra and panties. She put all the clothes away and came back to me holding something large and pink in her hand. I was out back on the chair, and Emily unzipped the new piece of clothing. It was an XL pair of pink footsie pajamas. She stuck my feet through the pajamas, and they went all the way down to the bottom, coming to rest on the feet that were made inside. She worked her way around the chair and slowly covered my body in the footsie pajamas. Once she was done, it looked very odd. The extra large pajamas were obviously way too big for me. She strapped my hands back onto the ropes that were hanging from the ceiling, and tightened them so I was off of the ground. My arms were in a tight V-shape. Emily started to watch me, hanging in the air motionless in my huge pair of pink pajamas.

He had done very well. Thought Emily. He had dressed himself voluntarily in her clothes while she recorded the whole thing from a secret camera. He had played into her trap easily. He should be rewarded.

Emily unzipped the footsie pajamas. She put her foot down the leg hole, and stepped up, lifting her other leg into the other hole. She stood on top of my feet, but she didn't weigh much. She wrapped one arm around my back, so it was between me and the pajamas. She zipped up the pajamas behind her, and out her second hand around me. She started to kiss me passionately. I slowly came to, realizing someone was trying to seduce me. Our bodies were pressed together tightly inside the pajamas. I could feel her boobs squished against mine. She kept kissing me, as we hung there in the air, unable to move anything but our lips.
A boy and his friend were watching a movie together, but his friend decided to have some fun with him.

To see the actual girl who inspired the character for this story, click here
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A good story, but of course he's not going to knock her out and try to escape when her guard is down...
Wow... What a bitch
yeshua9000 Nov 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice start, but the betrayal for a weird sexual kink? No thanks.
Interesting story. I wonder if Emily will eventually miss her male friend under the girl suit. I guess we'll have to wait for the squeal to find out.
Ha ha sequel???
Why not? Being transformed is only half the story.
Ha ha this was written a looong time ago and I have no plans to make a sequel
No problem. Still a great story.
shadowmoonneko Feb 2, 2012
This was an interesting story!
I like this story (...and the comic inspired by it) but one thing doesn't make sense to me. Why wouldn't he put on the warmest clothing first? :confused:
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