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"Fuck!" Jim yelled to himself after slamming his apartment door shut. He just lost his job at the auto shop. He could feel himself getting more and more stressed. He squeezed his eyes shut, and ran his hands through his shoulder-length black hair. He didn't even have that much money saved up in his bank account; he wouldn't last long unemployed.

Jim began quickly walking towards his kitchen. He almost tripped on all the clothes that were still strewn out on the floor. He habitually yanked the refrigerator door open, grabbed a beer, and twisted off the cap in one familiar set of motions.

He took it back over with him to his crummy little couch. Sitting down, he let the couch sag under his weight, and let himself sag under the weight of his horrible day. As luck would have it, that's when his sister called.

"Hey," Jim answered his cell.

"Hi Jimmy!" she responded. Perfect, Jim thought, Elaine was as bubbly as ever. Jim's sister was the exact opposite of him in many ways. She was rich, organized, clean, smart, and commanding, not to mention gorgeous. Of course he didn't think of her in any weird way, but he knew his sister was much prettier than most thirty-something women their age. "How's my little brother doing?"

Jim furrowed his brow. She only ever called him her little brother when she was looking for something, and he really wasn't in the mood. "I've had a rough day actually."

"Wellllllll let me just perk you right up with a proposition then! One of my girlfriends - Charlotte, you remember her right? The fashion designer you crushed on a few years -"

"Yes Elaine I remember your friend Charlotte."

"Anywho! She was investing in a spa that's opening up in the Leaf Corner Mall, but now she thinks she wants to sell some of her stake. Interested?"

"Elaine you know I don't have a lot of money," Jim answered after a pause.

"I know Jimmy but she's really confident that this spa will do well and I thought maybe if -"

"I got fired today Elaine. I'm unemployed." Jim was frowning now, not happy with how much more successful his sister was than him.

Elaine immediately tried to console him. "Oh Jimmy! I'm so sorry! What happened?"

"Well... I tried to give another hot girl a discount. My boss told me to stop and... well she was really hot and-"

"Ugh, Jimmy!" she exclaimed.

"I know! I know." He was a bit deflated at this point. He wanted to get off the phone and do something. At least pretend to feel productive. Elaine was on the other end of the line thinking quickly. Her brother had never really amounted to anything, and was a hopeless player. Maybe she could help him out for once. She was doing well in her career, and maybe one small push in a healthy direction is all her baby brother needed.

"Ok little brother I've got an idea. How about you meet me at Charlotte's spa in an hour? It's on the north end of the Leaf Corner Mall. The spa is called "Tranquil Beginnings," and I think you could use some freshening up.

"You want me to go to the spa?" Jim asked hesitantly.

"Yes! It'll be good for you and you know it! Take your mind off today. I'll meet you there in an hour. Tootles." Elaine hung up for the phone before Jim could protest again. He sighed, and stood up off his couch. He was about halfway through his beer, but honestly wasn't feeling the rest of it at this point. "Alright then," he said to himself aloud, and grabbed his

Jim immediately began having regrets upon arriving at the spa. His sister was there, along with her friend Charlotte. He could see a few employees scattered around inside, getting ready for the opening day. Elaine was wearing a pristine white long sleeve woman's dress shirt, accompanied with a grey pencil skirt and heels. Large gold hoops dangled from her ears and around her wrists. Her blonde hair in all its volume curled and layered itself over her petite shoulders. Elaine's friend Charlotte also looked incredible. She was sporting the spa's management uniform: a form-fitting, low-cut black polo, tan slacks, and bright pink flats. Jim noticed that her makeup was stunning. She was probably practicing what she'd wear for opening day, he thought.

"Jimmmm!" Charlotte greeted him with a very sweet tone and outstretched arms. He could feel her perfect pink nails wrap around his back as she hugged him. "Elaine told me all about what happened, and it would be my pleasure to serve you today." She hadn't fully released him from their embrace, as she had one hand on his shoulder, and the other spread against his peck. "Now don't worry! I'm not going to ask again about your financial interest in my spa. This is strictly a beauty visit!"

"Alright, thanks. And thanks for doing this Charlotte. I was hesitant at first, but being waited on hand and foot might help me take my mind off of today." Jim looked back into the store, thinking about how all those attractive women would be touching him all over.

Charlotte was beaming at him. "Wonderful! Elaine, I can take him from here!" She and Elaine kissed both of each other's cheeks before Charlotte spun back around to Jim. "Now, let's make you pretty!"

Jim assumed her last comment was just a spa-related joke.

It wasn't.

"Alright, first thing's first!" Charlotte led Jim past the front desk of the spa and into the changing room. "Here is your robe and slippers, go ahead and change, love."

"Do you not have a spa outfit for men? I don't want to wear all this girly stuff." Jim knew he was being finicky, but he thought he'd feel a bit more at ease if he didn't have to wear a fluffy pink robe and matching slippers.

"Jim, let me explain something to you," Charlotte began, crossing her arms. "You look at the soft robe and slippers, and what do you see? Femininity. That's your problem hun. These aren't items of femininity, these are tools of luxury. We use these to pamper you with! Men are so insecure with themselves that they try to vilify relaxation. Women aren't concerned with silly nonsense like that - we're above it. So stop thinking of them as girly things, and start thinking of them as methods to melt your worries away."

Jim couldn't argue with that. He half-rolled his eyes and began to get dressed. He stuffed his guy clothes into one of the lockers, and stepped towards the pile Charlotte had given him. Holding up the robe in front of him, he realized it was even softer than he had thought. He cleared his thought and slipped his arms into it. "Wow," he whispered to himself out loud. He had never felt anything like it. The space around his body was no longer stagnant air - it was now a layer of soft warmth that touched every part of his upper body. His moved his arms and the robe moved with it. His entire torso was reveling in being coated by such luxury.

A little more relaxed now, he put on the matching fuzzy pink slippers. His toes entered a tiny cave of warmth, and the soles of his feet sank into perfectly shaped soft pillows. He walked out of the changing room and a spa employee was waiting for him. "This way, sir. We're going to start you off with a private treatment." Her voice was silky and welcoming.

"What's a private treatment?" Jim asked, realizing he wasn't going to be familiar with a damn thing in this place.

"Our guests are permitted to freely use any of the facilities here at Tranquil Beginnings. One form of relaxation is a private treatment with our beauty experts. Since we know you're new to all this, Miss Charlotte instructed us to take you around to experience a few of our offerings." The spa employee led him through a beautiful, open room. The floors were polished hardwood, and there were many fancy potted plants, giving off a lush vibe. The windows were large and let a lot of light in, but they were also fogged so others couldn't see inside. They arrived at a bamboo door, and Jim was permitted to go inside.

This room was more modern than the main area. The flooring was standard white linoleum tiles, and there was a beauty station ahead of him. Another woman was already standing in the room waiting for them, who gestured for Jim to sit down. The chair was comfortable as he slid into it. The fluffy pink robe folded underneath him a little, providing even more soft material to sink into. The lighting in the room was clean, and the mirror was spotless.

The other woman in the room was just as gorgeous as the first, and she smiled warmly to Jim when he sat down. She wasted no time in pulling Jim's chair back into a recline, and getting to work.

A facial mask was generously applied to his face, in order to soften out his features. Jim could feel it tingling and hardening on his cheeks. Cucumbers were then placed over his eyes, so he couldn't see. Both women got to work on his hands and feet. "We're going to give you a mani-pedi. Don't worry, we won't use any nail polish or anything. We just want to clean them up a bit." Jim relaxed even further as the two women began handling him with their delicate fingers. They both had soft skin and long, delicate nails. He completely forgot about losing his job, and was beginning to enjoy his spa treatment.

After that, the women led him out of the private treatment room, back into the main floor. The cucumbers were still on his eyes, and the mask was rigid on his face. "We are going to leave the facial on for a bit longer. It needs time to do its work," one of the women said to him while rubbing his shoulder. Jim couldn't see, but the women led him into another room that was very humid. He could hear rushing water. "This is our whirlpool room," the lady to his right said loudly. "It's quite relaxing once you get in." They took his robe and slippers off him, and eyed the hair on his naked body. They were instructed by Miss Charlotte to squirt nair hair removal into the whirlpool for their guest. This wasn't a tricky to do, given Jim still couldn't see past the cucumbers. The ladies helped the poor man into the pool, and watched as he settled himself into a corner. "Just relax. This is your time." Jim did as he was told, and let himself feel the hot water jets firmly push against his body. It was quite soothing.


Jim suddenly felt someone rustle his shoulder, and jolted awake. He had fallen asleep? He felt quite groggy all of a sudden. The women were already wiping off his facial mask and removing his cucumbers. They certainly didn't waste any time, he thought. He felt his face after they had finished, and was surprised at how soft it felt. "Wow, it feels like a woman's face!"

"We're glad you like it sir," one of the women beamed at him. "Your skin is much healthier now."

They brought him out of the whirlpool tub and dried him off with a towel, before wrapping it around his chest. "Thank you very much," Jim said as they helped him get it fitted properly. He was enjoying himself at this point, and didn't notice that there wasn't a single hair on his body below his eyebrows.

They brought him next-door into a sauna. "You can sit here for a while while we get your massage ready. We hope you enjoy the special air we use in here.

Jim sat on the sauna bench as the women left him to relax. Taking in a large breath, he could feel the thick air in the room. It really soothed his throat and lungs. He took in whiff after whiff, and even felt himself dozing off again. Jim did not know that Charlotte had filled the room with a special aerosol to make his voice softer and higher pitched.

Jim was really starting to feel out of it now, and the next thing he knew, he was lying face down on a massage table. "We're ready to massage you now sir," Jim heard a voice say. Soft but firm hands began to rub a thick lotion onto his back. Jim thought it was a normal massaging lotion, not a feminine skin softener. It would make his skin as soft as a woman's. "Is it alright if we massage you everywhere sir?"

"Ya that's fine," Jim answered groggily. The hands felt really good against his back. Once the spa worker was finished there, she began working the lotion into Jim's smooth legs. The nair did wonders, and the lotion was the final step in giving him as womanly legs as possible. The rear was next, and Jim giggled a little as the spa worker touched his butt cheeks. She ignored him and continued to transform the rest of his skin with the lotion.

Once the massage was complete, it was time for the final steps. They brought Jim back out to the main floor, where Charlotte was waiting for him.

"Darling! You look so relaxed. Have you been enjoying the spa so far?" Charlotte hugged Jim as soon as he was close enough. "The pink robe is a good look on you." She winked at him.

"Ya I've been liking it a lot actually," Jim began. His voice was softer and higher pitched than it should be. "I feel like I sound different."

"Spa guests often find their voices are super smooth and calm after a day of pampering," Charlotte quickly lied to him. The poor little fool still had no idea what they were doing to him. "Come with me sweetie, we've just got a few more things to take care of." She grabbed his hand in hers and led him back into the private treatment room.

Charlotte sat him down in the chair again, and went straight to work. She tilted his head back into the sink, and began scrubbing his hair. "So, have you been enjoying our spa, Jim?"

"It's quite relaxing, yes." His soft voice still surprised him. "Are we doing stuff to my hair now?"

"Yes sir, we're going to make it much healthier for you today." Charlotte knew she was about to have to step up her game. Jim would surely catch on in a few minutes. So she beckoned for her girls to begin the next phase.

They used a thin but strong rope to tie his wrists to the arms of the chair. "Hey, what gives!" Jim exclaimed. They girls ignored him, tying his ankles together and letting his legs dangle. Charlotte was already hard at work dying his shoulder-length black hair a chestnut brown. "Brunettes are so much sexier, don't you think Jim?"

"Hair dye? What's going on!?"

"Oh you poor little man," Charlotte cooed. "We're turning you into a woman. Didn't you notice how soft and sweet your voice has gotten? Did you not feel a tingling in the whirlpool as it was removing all your body hair? Your nails are primed for some color too..."

"Let me go! I won't let you put nail polish on me!"

"Shhh shh shh..." Charlotte stopped dying his hair for a moment to rub his cheek with her long fingernails. "We're going to do a lot more than put a little nail polish on you." With that, one of the spa girls reached underneath her pink uniform dress, and pulled off her panties. She balled them up and stuffed them inside Jim's mouth. He was helpless.

The ladies began painting his nails a bright ruby red. They allocated one worker per appendage, and they were done in no time. Jim looked down and saw what were undeniably female hands. He squirmed at what they were doing to him.

Charlotte began drying off his hair, and Jim saw another woman pull out a weave. They were going to make his hair even longer. The curly extensions were being fitted around Jim's head as he tried to squirm, but it was no use. Soon his hair had more volume than he could imagine; big brown curls tangled their way down all around him.

They were moving so quickly, and Jim was still in shock from the hair when he saw them pull out dozens of bottles and brushes and creams.

"Mmpppppphh!" Jim's noises were nothing but futile.

"Yes Jim! Makeup! Your face is already soft and smooth from the facial you had. It's prepped and primed for some color!" Charlotte and her girls began attacking every inch of his face, contouring and applying different powders and pigments. The panties were ripped out of his mouth, and he could then feel his lips being plumped, and lip stain being generously applied. His eyelashes were growing longer and thicker with every stroke of the brush. His eyebrows were tweaked into thin arches, and blush was applied to his cheeks. Eyeliner was drawn on the edges of his eyelids, and a dark purple eyeshadow found its way onto him, completing his new look.

Charlotte and the spa girls took a step back to admit their work. Watching them giggle like crazy, Jim felt he was on the verge of tears. "Oh Jim," Charlotte placed another hand on his shoulder, consoling him. "Go ahead, let it all out. Don't worry about your makeup, it's waterproof and semi-permanent." Jim looked up at her, his big doe eyes horrified. She made a kiss noise and winked at him, as the spa girls began untying him from the chair.

They immediately began stripping the clothes from his back, letting them fall defeatedly to the floor as Jim stood there naked. Charlotte herself appeared in front of Jim with a pair of lacy pink panties. He was bracing himself for what came next, when suddenly one of the spa girls reached between his legs from behind. She grabbed his penis and yanked it back. Jim yelped in sharp pain. Another girl taped his genitals in place, ensuring he had a smooth frontside. These women wasted no time; Charlotte was already forcing the panties on his feet, and pulling them up his smooth, hairless legs.

A bra was flung around his chest, and clasped in the back. It matched the pink panties, and Jim felt himself shiver at the thought of what they were doing to him. Some breast forms were stuffed into the cups, and he felt their weight pull his center of gravity forward.

The clothing came next. He never imagined he would ever wear such a feminine ensemble. The girls rolled sheer white stockings all the way up his legs. They actually felt really nice against his smooth skin, but Jim could never admit that out loud. The heels came next: bright pink ones, with a four inch heel. "Just step into these, Jenny," Charlotte said. She watched Jim visibly wince at his new name. "Get used to it Jenny, this is just the beginning." The girls then put him into a long-sleeve blue blouse. It was poofy to help hide his slightly broader shoulders, and looked like something a drag queen might wear. He looked at his hand and femininity began to waft over him. The red nails, the soft skin, the thin fingers, the girly shade of light blue that ended on his wrist. It was all so foreign to him. While coming to terms with his new self, Charlotte was forcing him to step into a skirt. She pulled it up his stocking'd legs, and began tucking in his blouse. Jim saw the pencil skirt was leopard print, and it was just the thing to break him.

Tears exploded from Jim, and he started sobbing harder than he ever had in his life. He had lost his job, and now he was having an identity crisis. All these women around him dressing him and giggling at him, it was so degrading.

"There, there, Jenny," Charlotte said, stroking his curly brown hair. "We're all but done now sweetie. Just a few quick things to accessorize." A large gold necklace was strung around Jim's neck. It was flashy and it made Jim feel even worse. Gold bracelets were forced around his left (now delicate) hand, and onto his wrist. Finally, matching gold hoops were clipped onto his ears, just like the ones Charlotte was sporting.

"Alright honey! We're all done!" Charlotte exclaimed while clapping her hands together excitedly.

Jim turned around to face the mirror, which was a little difficult in his pink heels. His whole body felt feminine. The skirt rounded his butt and shaped it into a curvy rear. The blue blouse hid his masculine torso, but flaunted his new assets. He couldn't make a fist without hurting himself with the new nails, so he just let his wrists hang loosely in front of him. His incredibly curly brown hair had great volume, and looked uber-feminine. His makeup was flawless, not smearing an inch after his outburst from a few minutes ago. His lips were pouty, his eyes looked smoky, and his red cheeks sealed the deal on his new look. He was all woman now.  

Charlotte led him back out onto the main floor. "You're almost ready darling."

"Ready for what?" Jim had forgotten how soft and sensual his voice had become.

"Remember when Elaine mentioned you I was interested in washing my hands of this place? Well she and I cooked up the most fabulous way to do it." She was fluffing his hair and making sure his skirt was flat. "It took a bit of accounting from your sister's end, but she's such a genius, she made it work!"

"What are you talking about?" Jim snapped, which was quite ineffective with his new all-fem mystique.

"This spa sweetie-pie! It's yours!"

"M-mine?" he stammered.

"You are the proud owner of 'Tranquil Beginnings' Jenny! All these wonderful employees are at your beck and call!" She gestured to all the spa girls in the room, who were smiling glamorously. "This is your new start love. Don't mess this up."

Charlotte began walking towards the entrance of the spa, leaving Jim standing in the womanly attire of his new job, with a shocked expression on his face.

"Hope you have a great opening day Jenny. Tootaloo!"
My girlfriend knows about the girly side of me, and is not repulsed by it. This alone is such an amazing gift, but she has also offered to participate. 

She said she'd be willing to tie me to a chair, dress me up, do my nails, put makeup on me, all that good stuff. <3 But she doesn't really know exactly how she should do it. I tried to explain the concept of forced feminization to her, and things she should say, names she should call me, etc. 

She wants me to send her some stuff that she can look at and better understand what forced fem and TG is. That's where you all come in. 

Comment on this journal with content you consider to be quintessentially forced fem (look up that word if you don't know it, cause it really is the perfect word here). It doesn't have to just be from DeviantArt. Post stuff from, Pinterest, tg caption blogs, tumblr, anything. Think about stories, images, drawings, or captions that you feel really demonstrate this little world we live in. 

Thought this his would be kind of fun! Go nuts everyone, and maybe some people will be introduced to some sexy new content. 
I have no idea why, but DA is removing some of my stuff. A little while ago they removed one of my stories, and they just removed Mommy's New Baby. My first one. 

If there are people who are reporting this or something, please fucking stop. 
Everyone needs to go watch The Danish Girl. Now. It's available for rent on Amazon.

I've never seen anything like it. Hits the nail on the head in so many ways.
My girlfriend knows about the girly side of me, and is not repulsed by it. This alone is such an amazing gift, but she has also offered to participate. 

She said she'd be willing to tie me to a chair, dress me up, do my nails, put makeup on me, all that good stuff. <3 But she doesn't really know exactly how she should do it. I tried to explain the concept of forced feminization to her, and things she should say, names she should call me, etc. 

She wants me to send her some stuff that she can look at and better understand what forced fem and TG is. That's where you all come in. 

Comment on this journal with content you consider to be quintessentially forced fem (look up that word if you don't know it, cause it really is the perfect word here). It doesn't have to just be from DeviantArt. Post stuff from, Pinterest, tg caption blogs, tumblr, anything. Think about stories, images, drawings, or captions that you feel really demonstrate this little world we live in. 

Thought this his would be kind of fun! Go nuts everyone, and maybe some people will be introduced to some sexy new content. 


Sarah Baker
United States
I write TG stories

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